15+ Slang Words For Pregnant (And How To Use Them)

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Pregnancy is nature's way of ensuring humanity goes on and women are given the great task of seeing this through. There are many reasons and ways to get pregnant just as there are many ways to convey it. Here are some slang words for it.

Slang Words for Pregnant (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Refers to the pronounced belly curve formed by the baby.
  • Example: Samantha’s baby bump looks great in her prenatal photoshoot.

Bun in the Oven 


  • (Expression) A clever way of saying that the baby or bun is inside the mother or oven.
  • Example: Drake could feel the small kicks from his wife’s bun in the oven.



  • (Adjective) A pregnancy that is concealed by the body. The clueless parent can go as far as 5 months without knowing of a baby’s presence.
  • Example: Eva’s cryptic pregnancy shocked the entire family.

Eating for Two


  • (Verb) An encouragement for pregnant mothers to eat more because they are also nurturing a young life inside of them.
  • Example: Lydia orders twice her normal delivery order ever since she got pregnant. She is determined that eating for two will help them both.



  • (Adjective) A conversational way of confirming one’s pregnancy with hints of excitement.
  • Example: The expecting mother of twins is excited to host a gender reveal party.



  • (Adjective) Geriatric pregnancy is conceiving a baby 35 years old and up which is often fraught with worry because of the higher likelihood of problems.
  • Example: Because of the geriatric pregnancy, Ruby thought it best to take some time off work.

In the Family Way


  • (Expression) Another phrase to indicate that one is pregnant.
  • Example: Audrey is in the family way while still studying for her final law school exams.

Knocked Up


  • (Verb) A slang term for getting pregnant accidentally with condemning undertones.
  • Example: Even though Romeo knocked up Julie, their parents are hesitant for a wedding between the two.

Pea in the Pod


  • (Expression) A phrase similar to ‘bun in the oven’ with pea referring to the baby and pod for the mother’s womb.
  • Example: Amy is in her ninth month to release the pea in her pod.



  • (Noun) A modern slang for someone who is pregnant.
  • Example: Penny, I heard you’re preggers. Congratulations!

Stone Baby


  • (Noun) A baby that hardened or calcified near the mother’s abdomen without the mother knowing of it. The longest reported case of a stone baby was 60 years.
  • Example: It must be devastating for any mother to learn that she has been carrying a stone baby all this time.

Stung by a Serpent


  • (Verb) Referencing Eve who was tempted by a serpent and sentenced to have painful child labor every time she does so in biblical passages, getting stung by a serpent is to be pregnant.
  • Example: Cathy’s pregnancy test came back with two lines. That means she’s stung by a serpent, right?

The Rabbit Died


  • (Expression) A medieval way of pregnancy testing. Urine from a suspecting mother will be injected to a rabbit and if the rabbit died, it would confirm her pregnancy. People of the middle ages believed its reliability.
  • Example: Howard was ecstatic when Bernadette reported that the rabbit died.

Tin Roof Rusted


  • (Expression) From a lyric of a 1989 American hit song, tin roof rusted moved on to mean getting pregnant without the intention to be.
  • Example: Renee can’t be tin roof rusted because her family is expecting her marriage to a different man in two days.

Up the Duff


  • (Expression) A British slang for the state of being pregnant.
  • Example: When Whitney figured she was up the duff, she was worried about how to say this to her other kids.

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