15+ Slang Words For Private Parts (And How To Use Them)

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Private parts are one's sexual organs that are too literally and verbally sensitive that they have so many nicknames. They are an inevitable topic of conversation, so adjust to your level of sensitivity with the slang words for private parts we compiled just for you. 

Slang Words for Private Parts (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A popular slang for a full butt.

  • Example: The skinny jeans emphasize Jin’s booty. 

Carpet Matches the Curtains


  • (Idiom) An expression which codes carpet as the pubic hair and curtains as the head hair to be similarly colored.

  • Example: 

Person 1: You were blonde in high school? I’ve known you to be a ginger since we met. Won’t your boyfriend be shocked at this picture? 

Person 2: He has an idea since the carpet doesn’t match the curtains.

Cupid's Warehouse


  • (Noun) An endearing term for one’s vagina.

  • Example: Penny searched the internet for good exercise to strengthen her Cupid’s warehouse just in time for Valentine’s Day.



  • (Noun) A vulgar slang term that stands for “Dick and Balls”. 

  • Example: Once a year, Zac goes for a routine D&B checkup.



  • (Noun) Because of its fluffy and steamy appearance, dumplings are referred to as boobs.

  • Example: Victoria’s dress showed a generous amount of dumplings.



  • (Noun) Popularized in a Beyonce interview, FUPA stands for “Fat Upper Pubic Area” which is the region above one’s pubic bone and lower hips.

  • Example: Avery chided her boyfriend because he kept on touching her FUPA under the restaurant table.



  • (Noun) A vulgar slang term for a male’s sexual organs.
  • Example: His foul-smelling gonads made him a laughing stock at the gym's shower area.

Happy Trail


  • (Noun) The trail of hair that starts from below the navel down to the total pubic hair.
  • Example: Lenny has the absurd idea of dying his happy trail blue. 



  • (Noun) A wig for the pubic area which is used for sexual play or filming accessory. 
  • Example: The nude model for the art class wore a merkin.

Mow the Lawn


  • (Verb) An expression for shaving one’s pubic hair. 
  • Example: Rosalie prefers waxing over mowing the lawn because the latter makes hair growth itchy.

Petticoat Lane


  • (Noun) A term to refer to the female reproductive region since the 16th century.
  • Example: Victoria can feel a painful bump somewhere on her petticoat lane.



  • (Noun) A shortened and combined term for “private parts”.
  • Example: Middle school children are taught with grade-appropriate sex education regarding how their privates are changing.

Privy Council


  • (Noun) Based on an inner circle of people that advises the Queen of England, the privy council in slang terms means one’s vagina.
  • Example: Gynecologists are health specialists for the privy council.

Silent Flute


  • (Noun) A humorous way of referring to the male reproductive organ.
  • Example: Jasper is so proud of his silent flute that he became an underwear model. 

Working One's Ass


  • (Noun) A vulgar expression for working extremely hard. 
  • Example: Monica has been working her ass since elementary school to be the world’s best dancer.

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