15+ Slang Words For Rude (And How To Use Them)

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It’s never nice to be rude. You will earn disrespect, gain negativity, and lose friends. Whether it’s intentional or just a spur of the moment, be a good judge of character with the following expressions for rudeness.

Slang Words for Rude (in Alphabetical Order)

A Fine How Do You Do 


  • (Expression) A polite way of calling someone out for their rudeness.

  • Example: 

Person 1: Hello Mrs. Bennett, I heard your daughter ranked last place in her class. 

Person 2: Well that’s a fine how do you do. Kids can learn at their own pace.

Below the Belt 


  • (Expression) Based on the rules of physical sports such as boxing not to hit below the waistline, “below the belt” is an unfair and person-attacking comment.

  • Example: The bullies went below the belt when they made fun of Andrew’s tragic family history.

Cheeky Chappy


  • (Noun) A British slang for someone who is too forward with their opinions but gets away with it because s/he is charming.

  • Example: The TV host is such a cheeky chappy. He pokes fun at guests yet ends up making the audiences laugh.

Cock a Snook 


  • (Verb) The British way of taunting someone by placing the thumb of an open hand right at one’s nose. This is usually done by kindergarten and elementary school kids.

  • Example: Remember not to cock a snook whenever your uncle does a quirky thing. Your uncle is still your uncle even if he’s sick.



  • (Verb) To purposefully make a rude statement. 

  • Example: Jay made a rap diss about how entertainment agencies shackle artistic freedom.

Eat and Run


  • (Verb) To go off immediately after eating without having the customary thank you or short conversation among family and friends. In eating establishments, this means not to pay for the meal.
  • Example: Johnny and Mark ate and ran out of the sushi house because they forgot their wallets.



  • (Adjective) A wild animal trait used by Australians to refer to someone who has completely lost their temper.

  • Example: Hank doesn’t care how you feel once he’s drunk and feral. He’ll just say whatever he wants.



  • (Adjective) A Canadian slang for rude, noisy, and disrespectful tourists.

  • Example: Those gorby tourists just spat at the street.



  • (Noun) Based on a viral meme, a “Karen” is a middle-aged, Caucasian lady who is disrespectful towards supermarket staff or middle-waged employees in general.

  • Example: The last restaurant guest pulled off a total Karen when she won’t drink her white wine because “it’s not clear enough”.

Nosy Parker 


  • (Noun) A person who asks similar, annoying, and uncomfortable questions one after the other. 

  • Example: Mr. Holmes avoids his neighbor because she’s a nosy parker.

Out of Line


  • (Expression) Since each one has their own boundaries with each other, to be out of line is to cross these boundaries. 

  • Example: Vicki was out of line for commenting on how much Chloe earned on being a waitress.

Party Pooper


  • (Noun) Someone who does not participate in party games and activities despite being invited.

  • Example: You won’t be invited to parties anymore if you don’t join in the games. Don’t be a party pooper.

Rude Awakening


  • (Idiom) Being struck by the realization that someone or something is not what it appears to be. 

  • Example: Dana is in for a rude awakening when she’ll know her husband’s affair.

Smart Alecky 


  • (Adjective) Someone who thinks they are so smart that they stamp a negative expression among others.

  • Example: The smart alecky sports commentator mispronounced the player’s last name. The player thought he was unprofessional and rude.

Uncultured Swine


  • (Noun) A degrading term for someone who has not learned to navigate social conventions.

  • Example: That uncultured swine did not even greet the birthday celebrant yet he ate most of the cake.

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