15+ Slang Words For Sperm (And How To Use Them)

Although talking about sperm might seem taboo due to its sexual nature, it is a topic that we cannot avoid due to its importance. People can be very creative when it comes to stuff regarding intercourse and sexuality. That is why there are absolutely genius and hilarious slang words for sperm.

Down below is a list of slang words for sperm and sperm-related stuff. Children beware as some of these slang words are definitely not for kids. You might find some unwanted chuckle so enjoy!

Slang Words for Sperm (in Alphabetical Order)

Baby Batter


  • (Noun) A euphemistic slang that refers to sperm or semen. This smartly refers to the fact that sperm is needed for reproduction.
  • Example: He had to give some baby batter samples to see if he is impotent since they wanted to have a child.

Baby Gravy


  • (Noun) Another euphemistic slang and is often used in the urban setting. This is used mostly for semen since gravy is thick like semen.
  • Example: Baby gravy is not entirely sperm. It mostly consists of proteins and other nutrients that will help the sperm survive. 

Cum/ Come


  • (Noun) This slang is mostly used in the pornographic setting. It also refers to sperm, semen, or ejaculation. It comes from the phrase “come off” around the 1700s. 
  • Example: It is natural for cum to be discharged even if you are not having intercourse. The body replenishes it and removes the old stock of sperm. 



  • (Noun) Custard is a popular dish that has a thick consistency. This consistency and likeness to sperm or semen are what made it become slang for it. 
  • Example: The color of your custard may indicate a health condition that is why some doctors need a sample.

Daddy Sauce


  • (Noun) Daddy is often a sexual term used for a male partner. Daddy sauce is his sperm or semen which he releases. 
  • Example: Daddy sauce contains millions of sperm, with DNA encoded in each of them.

Fun Gel


  • (Noun) Since intercourse is considered to be fun and wild by many, fun gel is used for the excretions or liquids that may be released. This includes sperm. 
  • Example: As you grow older, your body may or may not stop producing fun gel. Some get impotent at a young age. 



  • (Noun) Another pornographic slang referring to semen or sperm. It originates from “jism” which means energy or strength.
  • Example: Some people have speculated that pineapple juice can have a mild effect on the state of one’s jizz.



  • (Noun) A fairly simple slang for your seminal fluids. It came from the fact that sperm or semen is the load carried by the testicles. 
  • Example: When going to the doctor, they will ask you for some load that will be put in a cup. 

Man Chowder


  • (Noun) Chowder is a type of thick and creamy soup. Man chowder is just another euphemistic slang based on the dish.
  • Example: You have the option to freeze some of your man chowder so you can still have kids after a vasectomy.

Man Period


  • (Noun) This slang tries to make parallel comparisons to female menstruation. A period is the excretion of the shedding of the uterine wall and since sperm is the excretion of the male genitalia, it has become known to some as the man period.
  • Example: There are some anecdotes that Hitler had only one testicle and so he would have been unable to produce man period.



  • (Noun) A popular slang for sperm, especially in the urban culture. Its origin is somewhat unknown but some speculate that it is from the  1910s. 
  • Example: Some nut is required for the egg cell to turn into a proper embryo. 

Pole Milk


  • (Noun) This is another euphemistic slang for sperm. Milk is the actual sperm while the pole is the male sex organ. 
  • Example: You can donate some pole milk at a sperm bank. They will even pay you. 



  • (Noun) Since seeds give rise to trees, people have compared seeds to sperm due to their function. 
  • Example: I was born 8 months after my dad planted his seed and left for the army. I was somewhat premature. 



  • (Noun) This term means courage or determination. Just like jizz, spunk became synonymous with sperm because it is often described to be persistent in reaching the egg.
  • Example: Michael wanted to donate his spunk to couples who cannot have a child for free. 



  • (Noun) Wad is similar to “load.” Wad is used to denote a bundle or load of something.
  • Example: DNA evidence from wad samples allow the police to capture the criminals. 

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