15+ Slang Words For Tea (And How To Use Them)

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Hot or iced; fresh or preserved; with friends or on me time; tea can come in different presentations and any situations. Tea is a caffeinated beverage that soothes the nerves, heightens the taste of sweet treats, and bonds generations and cultures. Here are some slang words for tea that you could use while enjoying a cup.

Slang Words for Tea (in Alphabetical Order)

5 O'Clock Tea


  • (Noun) A British tradition of drinking tea with a light snack usually around 3 to 5 PM.
  • Example: Alice was invited to 5 o’clock tea by Hans’ parents.



  • (Noun) An Australian slang for a teapot.
  • Example: Jun was tasked to fill the billy for the visiting diplomat.



  • (Noun) The Northern England way to call a tea.
  • Example: Mia, please prepare the special brew for your grandparents this afternoon.



  • (Noun) A conversational way to call tea in the UK.
  • Example: I’m not really a fan of cha. Can I get a vanilla latte instead? 

Cup of Tea 


  • (Noun) An invested interest or excelled field
  • Example: While Chloe excels in her studies, writing is not really her cup of tea.



  • (Noun) A British slang that shortened a “cup of tea”.
  • Example: Mrs. Goodman brought cookies and offered a cuppa along with it.

Good as a Chocolate Teacup


  • (Expression) Since chocolates melt in high temperatures, a chocolate teacup cannot hold hot tea in it. This expression conveys uselessness.
  • Example: Some would argue that a smart watch is as good as a chocolate teacup since all its functions can be found in phones.

No Tea, No Shade


  • (Expression) A slang word that acts as a disclosure statement for expressing truths only without the intent to hurt.
  • Example: No tea, no shade, but why are you starting a relationship with our friend’s ex?

Not for all the Tea in China


  • (Expression) A phrase that speaks out the extent of not doing a request or order.
  • Example: Jake will not enter the haunted house, not for all the tea in China.

Rosie Lee


  • (Noun) The British rhyming slang for tea in the UK. 
  • Example: Rosie Lee still needs time to prepare. Can you talk to the visitor while I wait for it?

Sip the Tea


  • (Verb) “Tea” in GenZ slang is the hot gossip. To sip it means to process the gossip internally while forming one’s opinions.
  • Example: Americans love to sip the tea on celebrity heartbreaks.

Spill the Tea


  • (Verb) This is the other end of ‘sipping the tea’. To spill the tea is to tell the hot gossip.
  • Example: The hairdresser spilled the tea as to who is the mayor’s mistress.

Storm in a Teacup


  • (Expression) A British expression for problematizing a small concern.
  • Example: Stop crying Kourtney, it’s just a pimple. It’s nothing but a storm in a teacup.

Tea Party


  • (Noun) Pronouncing how easy things can be done.
  • Example: I have expected every question they asked during the job interview. It was pretty much a tea party.



  • (Noun) A Canadian slang for the creamers or milk to be added to the tea.
  • Example: Mrs. Blanchett had us pick our choice of whitener for breakfast.

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