15+ Slang Words For Toilet (And Other Related Terms)

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The toilet is one of the 20th century's most useful inventions. Its emphasis on privacy, comfort, and convenience reflects the values of its time of origin till the present. It may be the last thing you want to talk about but you've got to admit its undeniable utility. Be creative when mentioning the toilet with the slang words below. 

Slang Words for Toilet (in Alphabetical Order)

Chamber Pot


  • (Noun) In the Middle Ages, this is the small pot stationed in a room so that one can relieve one's self without going anywhere else. It can be made of porcelain, ceramic, or wood. 
  • Example: The cleaning lady placed a new chamber pot under the bed after the first one leaked.



  • (Adjective) A toilet that is clogged means there is something blocking the toilet bowl from properly flushing. It can be fecal matter, soap, or any material dropped at it. 
  • Example: The guest clogged the host’s toilet so he ran out crying.



  • (Noun) An American slang for toilet. This term is often wrongfully given to inventor scientist Thomas Crapper who did a lot of plumbing patent except for the toilet.
  • Example: Jake was playing truth or dare with his friends when he was dared to use the crapper of his new neighbors.



  • (Noun) An Australian slang for a toilet that can be used outside the premises. In the old days when the toilet was not as refined as it is now, the one who collects the filled underparts of the dunny was called a “dunnyman”. 
  • Example: Mate, can you pull over if you see a dunny? I really have to use one.

Long Drop 


  • (Noun) A toilet that uses a pit latrine or a single hole with a deep end. This toilet is typically used in the middle ages, modern camping sites, and places with no reliable plumbing routes.
  • Example: If you can bear to use a long drop, you can survive for days outdoors.



  • (Noun) A British slang for the toilet. This was said to be from the French phrase “regardez l’eau” or “watch out for the water” as servants or cleaning ladies toss chamber pot contents out of the window in the middle ages. This was then translated as “gardyloo” and now as “loo”. 
  • Example: Minutes before the presentation, Hayden felt the urge to go to the loo.

Nature Calls


  • (Expression) A polite and humorous way of excusing one's self for the toilet. Nature is rendered to be an unstoppable force just as the need to use the toilet.
  • Example: Excuse me for a moment, gentlemen. Nature calls.



  • (Noun) Because toilets used to be constructed separate from the main premises of the house, it was then aptly called an “outhouse”.
  • Example: Florence doesn’t want to go to the outhouse in the middle of the night so she keeps a chamber pot just in case.

Porta Potty


  • (Noun) A shortened slang for “portable potty”, porta potties are the moveable and colorful toilets you see in public places, festivals, fiestas, and so on. 
  • Example: The event organizer requested a fifth porta potty since the first four ones have a long line ahead of them.

Potty Training 


  • (Verb) A training method on how to properly sit on the toilet, clean oneself, and generally use the toilet. This is taught on toddlers while pets have a different form of potty training.
  • Example: Baby Tan is doing well in his potty training. Using his toddler stairs, he can walk up and down from the toilet all by himself.

Powder Room 


  • (Noun) Toilets came to be known as “powder rooms” as well because starting from the 1900s, ladies were taught that the polite way to excuse oneself for the toilet is to say “powder one’s nose”.
  • Example: Lizzie and Katie asked to be excused for the powder room at the same time. Twins do have some telepathic sense.



  • (Noun) Privy means to have a shared knowledge of one’s secrets. Since toilets have all four corners that share your whereabouts, they are also called a privy. 
  • Example: Rhian was taught that one way to accurately measure the cleanliness of a person is to inspect the cleanliness of their house privy.

Riding the Porcelain Bus


  • (Verb) With two hands holding onto the brinks of the toilet bowl, “riding the porcelain bus” means to puke out in the toilet.
  • Example: Gina was riding the porcelain bus for five whole minutes after having too much to drink.



  • (Noun) The Australian equivalent of a porta potty, thunderboxes used to mean makeshift toilets in the woods till they became the transferable toilets in the cities today.
  • Example: The thunderbox ran out of tissues but fortunately, Molly brought her own.



  • (Noun) “WC” stands for “water closet” and is prominently used in some parts of the world to indicate toilet spaces.
  • Example: 

Person 1: Would you mind if our abuela uses your WC?

Person 2: Not at all. Let me show you to it.

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