15+ Slang Words For Vape (And How To Use Them)

Don’t be fooled by its good smell and convenient way to carry around, vapes are just as harmful as your everyday cigarette. Although marketed as an effective way to transition to full nicotine cessation, studies have shown that they are just as dangerous and addictive. Here are some slang words related to vape and vaping. Remember, nicotine is dangerous to your health.

Slang Words for Vape (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Standing for “All Day Vape”, this is a vape flavor that can be for an all-day use without getting sick of it.
  • Example: Henry spent half a day at a vape store looking for his own ADV.



  • (Noun) A vaper who likes box-shaped vapes that may or may not come in replaceable batteries. 
  • Example: 

Person 1: What’s Max gonna buy at the vape store?

Person 2: Well, he’s a boxy so go figure.



  • (Noun) A shortened slang for “cartridge” used to hold the liquid portion of the vape.
  • Example: Jamie needs a new cart because it has a hole on it. 



  • (Adjective) A vape that is shaped like a cigarette.
  • Example: Ben is trying to lay off cigarettes so he’s slowly detaching from them using cigalike vapes.

Cloud Chaser


  • (Noun) A vape user who blows big clouds from vape.
  • Example: Alex is getting better at being a cloud chaser. He can form hearts and circles from his vape smoke.



  • (Noun) A shortened term for e-cigarette which is vape.
  • Example: Celine may have switched to e-cigar but she’s using it as much as she used typical cigarettes.

Flavor Ghosting


  • (Verb) Tasting the previous vape flavor after changing to a new one.
  • Example: Coffee flavored vape must be so good that it’s flavor ghosting Dan even after he changed to mint.



  • (Verb) A vaping community slang for breathing in vapor from vape.
  • Example: Lance was so stressed about his thesis that he’s been hitting on ADV for hours now.

Hookah Stick


  • (Noun) Flavored vape in pen form that is largely disposable. 
  • Example: The squad bought hookah sticks from the convenience store.



  • (Noun) A vape slang for the liquid portion of the vape.
  • Example: The juice did not suit my taste so I gave it to Jerome.



  • (Noun) A vaping slang for a new vape user.
  • Example: Will is still a noob so he only knows two flavors at the moment.



  • (Verb) To be intoxicated with vape.
  • Example: You’re already sktizin from all the vape you had this morning. Maybe it’s time to stop.

Vape Whore


  • (Noun) A vulgar vape slang for someone who registers to vaping community sites only to leech on free stuff offered and not to participate.
  • Example: 

Person 1: This site offers three hookah sticks for the first 100 registrants.

Person 2: You’re just gonna leave after you earned those hookah sticks, aren’t you? What a vape whore.



  • (Noun) A play on words on “vape” and “user” for any actual vape user.
  • Example: Molly became a vaper after her first taste of the product.

Vaper's Tongue


  • (Noun) A condition common among vapers where they can’t taste vape flavors anymore.
  • Example: Vaper’s tongue is driving Francis nuts since he’s known to be a vape expert.

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