15+ Slang Words For Virgin (And How To Use Them)

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Although it may still be different in some cultures, we have come a long way from viewing a woman's virginity as being equal to their worth, to it being a matter of personal choice. We have listed below the most common slang words for virgin and some related terms, and how to use them. 

Slang Words for Virgin (in Alphabetical Order)

Born Again Virgin


  • (Noun) Someone who has not had sex in a long period of time.
  • Example: Because his work needed a lot of dedication, Terrence is a born again virgin in six years.



  • (Noun) Someone who do not have sex due to religious reasons.
  • Example: Nuns and priests are celibates.



  • (Noun) A slang term for the hymen.
  • Example: Thanks to good ol’ fashioned upbringing, her cherry hasn't been popped yet.

Extra Virgin


  • (Adjective) Cooking oils that are processed without additional chemicals.
  • Example: She only uses extra virgin olive oil for her salads.



  • (Noun) A derogatory term for someone who has never been kissed.
  • Example: Cinderella is such a fish for not kissing Prince Charming before the clock struck 12.



  • (Adjective) A slang term typically used by millenials who have pent up sexual tensions within themselves. 
  • Example: Don’t take the feedback too personally. The interviewer is just frustrated for not having anyone.

Never Been Laid


  • (Verb) A straightforward slang term for a virgin.
  • Example: The squad thinks it’s a good idea to pair up their nerdy friend with the campus crush since he has never been laid.



  • (Adjective) An old-fashioned word for virgin, typically with religious and cultural implications.
  • Example: Mary is believed to have given birth to Jesus despite being pure, hence the term Immaculate Conception.



  • (Noun) Because sex can be messy, a person who has not had it has not been stained by it.
  • Example: Scrawny and pale, Ed is loveless and by extension, stainless.

Two Pump Chump


  • (Noun) A male with premature ejaculation because of inexperience.
  • Example: Word spread that he was a two pump chump and now no one wants to date him.



  • (Noun) With v standing for virginity.
  • Example: After two years of dating, she finally gave her boyfriend her v-card.

Vestal Virgin


  • (Noun) Roman young ladies who secured the fire that was believed to be responsible for Rome’s glory.
  • Example: The vestal virgin was detained and left to die if the fire of Vesta went out under her watch.

Virgin Drink


  • (Noun) A cocktail drink without any alcohol content.
  • Example: The cunning mother made the teenagers drink virgin drinks at the party.

Virgin Ears


  • (Noun) An expression for ears that have not heard profanities.
  • Example: There are no virgin ears these days. TV and the Internet made sure of that.

White Wedding 


  • (Noun)  A wedding of two individuals who have not had sex before.
  • Example: It’s common for Christian weddings to be white weddings, too.

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