15+ Slang Words For Water (And How To Use Them)

Water is an element needed for daily living. From what you drink, what you're made out of, and what you can see around you, water is basically just everywhere. Fill your cup with the following water slang terms. 

Slang Words for Water (in Alphabetical Order)

Blow Out of the Water


  • (Verb) An expression used when someone is to be absolutely defeated. This was first termed during naval wars.
  • Example: The dance crew prepared moves that will blow the other contenders out of the water.

Come Hell or High Water


  • (Expression) An American slang from the 17th century which means "whatever it takes" or "whatever happens."
  • Example: Come hell or high water, we're going to finish this project.



  • (Verb) To pour over water or liquid.
  • Example: Penny doused the pancakes with hot chocolate.



  • (Adjective) To be completely soaked by water.
  • Example: Harry was drenched in his own sweat after having a nightmare.



  • (Noun) Being cool and fashionable.
  • Example: That big chain necklace is a bold fashion statement. That’s some drip you got going on there.

Go with the Flow


  • (Expression) In reference to a river that goes where it flows, this is an expression that means to go where the majority is leading you, or to not resist the situation.
  • Example: 

Person 1: All my friends are going to a K-Pop concert. I’m not sure if I should go.

Person 2: Just go with the flow. You might like it.

Holy Water 


  • (Idiom) Despite its original religious use, holy water is humorous slang for whiskey in the UK.
  • Example: I’m in the mood for holy water. I’ll go ahead and order one.

Hot Water 


  • (Idiom) A bad situation.
  • Example: Simon knew he would be in hot water with his mother after breaking her favorite vase.

Sparkling Water 


  • (Noun) A plain water looking drink but with bubbles and sweeter taste.
  • Example: The couple had popcorn and sparkling water for the movies.



  • (Noun) A person in charge of giving water bottles to tired sport players. This term is popularized by the movie of the same title.
  • Example: The waterboy hastily gave water bottles during the timeout.

Water Down


  • (Verb) To make something less in quantity or quality.
  • Example: Katherine watered down her feelings for Stefan when she knew his heart was somewhere else.

Water Under the Bridge 


  • (Expression) An issue that's not worth pursuing anymore as it's already over.
  • Example: Sam used to have an affair but it’s all water under the bridge now as he has already confessed and worked hard on his relationship with Sarah.

Watering Hole 


  • (Noun) An American slang for a bar or liquor store.
  • Example: Tonight calls for a celebration! Let’s go down the watering hole for a party.

Wet Blanket


  • (Idiom) A person who ruins the fun by showing lack of interest or remarking disapproval.
  • Example: 

Person 1: Playing in the arcade sounds fun!

Person 2: What are we, five? Let’s do something else.

Person 1: Don’t be such a wet blanket and just play.



  • (Expression) A Russian slang for murder, homicide, or assassination.
  • Example: This wetwork is so clever. There is almost no evidence.

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