15+ Slang Words For Wine (And How To Use Them)

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Wine has a special importance in many cultures around the world. It has been party to bringing people together. It has seen ages of celebrations and long lonely nights. Rather than stand idly the next you get together with friends for drinks, use the following slang terms for wine as conversation starters.

Slang Words for Money (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A street slang for wine and other liquors.
  • Example: I’ll go ahead and get a booze, do you want some?



  • (Adjective) A wine with good flavor and thick texture.
  • Example: This wine is chewy. I like it!

Cork Dork


  • (Noun) A person who is deeply interested in wine.
  • Example: If you don’t want to get bored at this party, stay away from Bruce. He’s a cork dork who will talk nonstop about wines.

Corkage Cowboy


  • (Noun) A restaurant guest who takes the liberty of taking their own wine with the impression to avoid restaurant marked up wine.
  • Example: No one will talk me down as a corkage cowboy if I brought this rare wine.

Cult Wine


  • (Noun) A wine that is popular to a distinct population of wine drinkers.
  • Example: The secretary was not able to even place an order for the Chairman’s favorite wine since it was a cult wine.

Donut Wine 


  • (Noun) A wine that lacks taste.
  • Example: Don’t present this to the guests next time. It’s donut wine.



  • (Adjective) A wine that has no kick or feel.
  • Example: Mike was pranked into drinking a flabby wine and making him remark that it tasted good.

Good Legs


  • (Noun) Wine with high alcohol content.
  • Example: Jefferson was determined to impress his supervisors so he brought a wine with good legs.



  • (Noun) A slang term for wine in homage to the fruit it was pressed by.
  • Example: Take it easy on the grape. You don’t want to wake up with a terrible hangover.



  • (Noun) The texture and taste of wine while inside the mouth.
  • Example: The more luxurious the wine is, the better its mouthfeel.



  • (Noun) An Australian and British slang for an inexpensive and low-cost wine.
  • Example: The cheery friends still served the plonk in elegant wine glasses while laughing at each other.

Pop and Pour


  • (Adjective) A wine that can be instantly drunk without using decants or other tools.
  • Example: Make sure to double check if the store-bought wine is pop and pour for the party. We don't want to be embarrassed in front of the guests.



  • (Adjective) A wine slang for a wine’s smooth mouthfeel.
  • Example: Cassandra doesn’t drink wine unless it’s silky.

Snow Leopard


  • (Noun) A wine that will never be produced again
  • Example: If you won't drink this snow leopard now, you will never get the chance to drink it again.

Wine and Dine


  • (Verb) To have a luxurious dinner in a fancy restaurant.
  • Example: Diana regretted not marrying her first suitor. They used to wine and dine all the time.

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