11 Weird 11 Letter Words (With Examples)

Long words tend to look funny because the average word has slightly less than 5 letters in it.

But, believe it or not, 11 letter words aren’t exactly uncommon, as there are thousands of 11 letter words to choose from.

Some of them are stranger than others! Read on below and discover our top picks for weird 11 letter words.

Weird 11 Letter Words

Choosing the weirdest 11 letter words was not easy; there are so many strange one to choose from.

Here are our top picks:

1. Pizzazziest

Pizzazziest is the first 11 letter word on our list, and it’s a weird one. When something is the pizzazziest, it means it is the fanciest or most glamorous (and the pronunciation of the word sounds nothing like pizza).

Example of the word pizzazziest in a proper sentence:

“Oh that Mary, she’s just the pizzazziest, isn’t she? I just love her style, and isn’t her purse dog just too adorable?”

2. Razzamatazz

To use “razzamatazz” on someone, you bombard them with colorful language and double-speak. Another word for razzamatazz is bamboozling or purposely confusing someone.

Example of the word razzamatazz in a proper sentence:

“That Lawyer is worth every single penny! His razzamatazz in the courtroom is out of this world. The jury eats it right up… every time!”

3. Quizzifying

The third weird 11 letter word on our list is quizzifying. This one means: to interrogate someone or ask questions.

Example of the word quizzifying in a proper sentence:

“I already told the first officers my version of the events, as I recall them, five times. Enough quizzifying! One more question and I’ll need to request an attorney be present.”

4. Vajazzlings

Yes, you read that right: vajazzlings is the fourth word on our list of weird 11 letter words. This one is as amusing as it is weird.

Vajazzlings are what women apply to their private areas (down south) after receiving a bikini wax. We’re talking gems and rhinestones and glitter embedded in skin.

Example of the word vajazzlings in a proper sentence:

“Oh, baby, I love those vajazzlings. You look so sexy!”

5. Zwischenzug

This strange 11 letter word stands for “intermediate move” in chess. It’s a clever way to tell your CoD and SC buddies that their strategy/skills are lukewarm.

Example of the word zwischenzug in a proper sentence:

“Is that zwischenzug all you’ve got, sucker!? C’mon! Show me what you’ve really got!”

6. Bumfuzzling

Bumfuzzling is another weird and funny 11 letter word that means “to be confusing.” When someone is bumfuzzling, they are purposefully causing confusion.

Example of the word bumfuzzling in a proper sentence:

“Why, you arrogant little twit! Without all your bumfuzzling language and colorful insults, you wouldn’t be so impressive!”

7. Schemozzles

This 11 letter word represents the weird situations that unfold when bumfuzzling and razzamatazz occur. In other words, the schemozzles means, roughly, “confusion situation.”

Example of the word schemozzles in a proper sentence:

“With all the schemozzles going on in that house, you couldn’t tell who was drinking and who was paying the bills!”

8. Zugzwanging

The eighth item on our list is an interesting one. Zugwanging, despite sounding like some futuristic BDSM terminology.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing nearly as interesting: zugwanging is what you are doing when you are making moves that will knowingly result in self-damage.

Example of the word zugzwanging in a proper sentence:

“After this infernal zugwanging is complete, I’ll have nothing left! Ah, well! In for a penny in for a pound!”

9. Belshazzars

Belshazzars is an extremely interesting sounding 11 letter weird word. The definition is unclear, besides referring to one of the biblical princes of Babylon 2,500+ years ago.

Perhaps the word is used to someone his spirit, or to insult someone/compare them to a spoiled prince that has everything.

Example of the word belshazzars in a proper sentence:

“Belshazzars! We summon thee to our circle of power, and welcome you in peace.” 

10. Jickajogged

Have you ever heard such a funny word in all your life, as Jickajogged? This 11 letter word is weird if ever a word were.

Its meaning? Moving in a running, jogging, or rolling motion. It may also refer to a sexual position.

Example of the word jickajogged in a proper sentence:

“Shew, wee, boyeee! I’ve never been jickajogged so nicely!”

11. Podzolizing

The last 11 letter weird word on our list is a really strange one: podzolizing. The word refers to a scientific occurrence/type of soil formation, called a podzol.

Example of the word podzolizing in a proper sentence:

“Pay attention to the gray color up top and the orangish brown color of the bottom layer.  It is the result of the ground podzolizing over a long period of time!”

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