24 Weird Words in Spanish (With Examples)

Spanish is a beautiful language made up of over 150,000 words, many of which sound strange or have weird meanings.

Read on below and discover 25 weird words in Spanish!

Weird Words in Spanish

Here are our top 25 picks for weird words in Spanish:

1. Entrecejo

Your entrecejo is the space on your face that stretches from your eyebrow to eyebrow. It is not to be confused with the forehead, or bridge of your knows.

Example of the word entrecejo in a proper sentence:

“Did you see her entrecejo, homie? Wow! She was so mad!”

2. Sobremesa

Sobermesa is the conversation that occurs at the dinner table once the meal is over.

Example of the word Sobermesa in a proper sentence:

“Sobremesas, my son, are some of the most important conversations you’ll ever have with your family.”

3. Estadounidense

This Spanish word is a unique and weird way to say that a person is from the United States.

Example of the word estadounidense in a proper sentence:

“Si, mama, my new boyfriend is estadounidense.”

4. Madrugar

This Spanish word isn’t nearly as weird in actuality as it looks. The meaning? To wake up very early in the morning.

Example of the word madrugar in a proper sentence:

“My husband is a madrugar. He is up before the cock crows.”

5. Concuñada

A word for “brother in-law” in Spanish, Concuñada has no other meaning in any language.

.Example of the word concuñada in a proper sentence:

“Concuñada. I beg your forgiveness, I will never mistreat your sister again! I swear!”

6. Picotear

The definition of a picotear is someone who enjoys eating a small amount of a large variety of different foods.

Example of the word picotear in a proper sentence:

“My mama is a picotear, she never eats more than a bite or two of any one thing.”

7. Merienda

Merienda is the opposite of brunch (a meal that takes place at a random time between breakfast and lunch. A merienda takes place sometime between lunch and dinner.

Example of the word merienda in a proper sentence:

“How about a quick merienda if you are too busy for lunch or dinner?”

8. Dominguero

A dominguero is, more or less, a city person who enjoys taking drives in the countryside during the weekend and time off from work.

Example of the word dominguero in a proper sentence:

“The dominguero practically lived for the weekend drives in the hills outside of town.”

9. Anteayer

Another weird word that doesn’t have a single word to replace it in English, is anteayer. In Spanish, it means the day before yesterday.

Example of the word anteayer in a proper sentence:

“Didn’t you say the same thing anteayer? I’m not sure if we’re buying your excuses anymore, pedro!”

10. Gentilicio

This weird Spanish word describes someone who is from a particular place (Hoosier, New Yorker, etc.).

Example of the word gentilicio in a proper sentence:

“Estadounidense is a particular sort of gentilicio, as are New Yorkers.”

11. Arroba

Arroba is the strange Spanish word for the “@” symbol.

Example of the word arroba in a proper sentence:

“Don’t forget the arroba in your email account/username. The system won’t accept your login credentials without it!”

12. Quincena

This weird word means something like a span of two weeks time. A quincena, in other words, is the Spanish equivalent to an English fortnight.

Example of the word quincena in a proper sentence:

“If shipping is more than a quincena, forget about it, buddy!”

13. Tocayo

A tocayo is someone who has the same first name that you do.

Example of the word tocayo in a proper sentence:

“Hey, tocayo! How is our first name treating you today?”

14. Botellón

A botellón is a special type of event where Spanish youths meet together someplace and drink before heading off to bars or pubs for an evening of celebration.

Example of the word botellón in a proper sentence:

“Will you be at the botellón tonight, Katarina? I would love to share a brew or two with you.”

15. Provecho

Provecho is a Spanish version of the French term “Bon appetite” or the English phrase “eat up!”

Example of the word provecho in a proper sentence:

“Provecho, Pablo! The Federales are coming! You will need your strength!”

16. Manía

Manía, in Spanish, has the same meaning as it does in English. This alone seems like a glitch in the matrix and lends some weirdness to the word.

Example of the word manía in a proper sentence:

“Can you believe the manía whipped up by one lousy politician with too much time and money on his hands?”

17. Morbo

A Morbo is a morbid fascination with something. Perhaps “sick fascination” is another way of putting it, in English!

Example of the word morbo in a proper sentence:

“It is like the whole world has this morbo with crime and punishment. Why else would every other TV show be about crimes, solving crimes, or murder?”

18. Trámite

Trámite is the specific steps to a process, that must be carried out in order for it to be completed and successful.

Example of the word trámite in a proper sentence:

“Does everyone understand the plan? Is every little trámite crystal clear?”

19. Duende

Duende is a Spanish word that describes awe, wonder, and inspiration that is felt as a reaction to something greater (music, nature, or something else).

Example of the word duende in a proper sentence:

“A sense of Duende always washes over me when I’m hiking off the trails, deep within the national park.”

20. Lampiño

A Lampiño is a man who either has thin facial hair by style or a man who has issues growing facial hair.

Example of the word lampiño in a proper sentence:

“Look here, you non-bearded thug. You’re nothing but a baby-faced lampiño. You couldn’t grow chin hair if you had a prescription for extra-strength Rogaine.”

21. Empalagar

Empalagar is the weird Spanish word used to describe when something is too sweet, as in lovely-Dovey sweet. 

Example of the word empalagar in a proper sentence:

“She’s always… so… empalagar! It’s way too sweet!”

22. Manco

The word Spanish word manco is designated for men with one arm.

Example of the word manco in a proper sentence:

“Drug-fueled gang violence is one of the main causes for the rise of mancos in the last decade.”

23. Pardo

Pardo is the tone of color that exists between gray and brown.

Example of the word pardo in a proper sentence:

“The car was pardo, Gerry. Not brown. Not gray. It was pardo!”

24. Tuerto

A tuerto is a person that has only one eye.

Example of the word tuerto in a proper sentence:

“The man would not be a tuerto today if your grandfather hadn’t bought me that Red Rider bb gun for Christmas.”

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