What Does 116 Mean In Christian Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Did you know that 116 in rap originates from the Bible verse Romans 1:16, which points to recognizing the power of the Gospel and the need to proclaim the Lord’s greatness? 


116 may refer to the Christian movement in rap. Instead of using profanity and explicit violence, it is more of a preaching style. You might hear it like this:


“Be part of the 116 and express your rapping creativity through Christ!”


The 116 slang might also reference the Southern Christian rap group that divulged in Gospel rap. They were the ones that popularized the movement. If this is the case, you may use it like this:


“116 is having a reunion tour this year.”


While the Christian rap scene has been doing reasonably well, it is still not very popular. Hence, slang words related to it, like 116, are not very well-known.

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