What Does 1337 Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Gaming terms are important so you can understand conversations, especially while in-game. Therefore, we provide the definitions of gaming slang for you. Today, we have the definition of the term “1337.”

What does 1337 Mean in Gaming?

The gaming term “1337” means that a player is the highest skilled or ranked gamer. In the online community, gamers usually replace letters with numbers to make communicating easier. Therefore, if you see 1337, it means the gamer is an elite or pro gamer.

Alternative Meanings

The term “1337” has no other meaning in the gaming industry.

Examples of 1337 in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Dolly – Dude, he is 1337.
  • Seth – Wow, really? Someday, we’ll be like him!

Example 2

  • Regan – A 1337 is playing in the arena. Let’s join in!
  • Michael – Omg, I’m so nervous yet excited!

Example 3

  • Cindy – Didn’t know you were 1337. How’d that happen? We started together!
  • Link – I kept playing even on late nights.

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