What Does 2K Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The slang “2K” is another popular slang that you would find in raps or urban conversations. Due to its usage and different origins, it can be very versatile and used in many ways. 

Firstly, you can use it to refer to the 2K series of basketball video games. These are extremely popular and are released every year. You might hear some go:

“The graphics on the new 2K are sick!”

Next is when you refer to the year 2000. That turn of the millennia is often referred to or is abbreviated as 2K. You can use it like this:

“I remember 2K. It was when my son was born.”

Lastly, in the era of texting, words are often shortened for the sake of speed and simplicity. The word talk is shortened as “2K,” usually when texting on your mobile. It comes from talk being sounded like “to-ak” and turned into “2K.”

“LOL! We better get to that party. 2K to you later.”

This slang is still very much alive and in use, especially on the Internet. 

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