What Does 2P Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

You might have heard some rappers use the slang “2P” but what does it mean? Based on our research, there are two uses for 2P in rap and urban communities. The first one is “2P” as in Player 2. This comes from video games where there are typically 2 players that can play simultaneously or take turns. This slang implies that a person is your best friend or close buddy like here:

“Jeffrey is my 2P. I won’t ever leave him.”

The next use of “2P” is for the censored name of a once-famous rapper, Jeremy Saunders, or 2 Pistols. The 2 P is the shortened version of his name and is often used for television or live audiences with teens. You might use it like this:

“I hear 2P is recording a new album. I hope it’s lit.”

Today, this slang term is no longer popular because of the decline of Saunders and couch multiplayer.

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