What Does 303 Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

You might be surprised to know that the rap slang “303” has three total meanings, some of which you might have heard. Let us learn more about 303’s importance in rap.

Firstly, 303 is a callback to the Roland TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer, one of the most recognized synthesizers in the world. The 303 gave birth the acid techno music. You might hear it being used like this:

“Having a 303 allows you to make freaky and funky songs!”

The second is that 303 is the area code for Denver, Colorado. Many rappers refer to places using their area code, hence, the usage of this slang. 

“I’m going back to the 303 to visit my grandma.”

Lastly, 303 might be used to refer to one’s mother. If you rotate the 3s in 303, you get the word, mom. It is an easy but witty slang term.

“You better go home, or 303 is gonna smack your behind!”

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