What Does 4 Bars Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

You might find yourself wondering what does “4 bars” mean after hearing about it from your rapping friend. Please read this article and let’s find out!

While looking at other rap slang with the “bars” term, you might think it is related to a verse or measure in a rap single. However, our research shows that 4 bars refer to drugs. Specifically, 4 bars refer to Xanax, a tranquilizing drug used to treat anxiety. However, Xanax is prone to abuse because of the high that people get from it. 

To use this slang, follow the examples below:

“I’m glad that he went to therapy. He was prescribed 4 bars to help his situation.”


“Johnny supposedly stole some 4 bars before getting arrested.”

This slang is often limited to the streets as it is not very popular on the internet. 

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