What Does 60’S Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The term “60s” is a popular slang with varied meanings within the rap community and urban culture.

Firstly, the 60s or sixties may refer to the period of counterculture in which free sex and drugs were rampant. It was a decade marked by rock and roll, hippie culture, and rebellion. One might use it by:

Woodstock was the pinnacle of the sixties. Chaotic energy was everywhere.

Sixties might also refer to an African American. It refers to the 3/5ths compromise, where slaves were only considered 3/5ths human, meaning lower than a white person. Be aware that this is starting to fall into disuse and may be considered extremely offensive. It may be used like this:

Have you seen the new sixty in town? He rides a lambo!

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