What Does 713 Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Somewhere and somehow, you might have heard 713 from one of your favorite rappers and asked yourself what it means. During our research of the rap slang term “713,” we discovered that it generally had 2 meanings. 

The first one is that 713 refers to Houston or H-Town. Some rappers might use it to point to Houston Texas as 713 is the area code for the location. This was also done with LA, which is referred to by its area code.

“I’m moving to 713 because I just got a scholarship there.”

The second use, arguably a “not-safe-for-work” version, is 713 is used similarly to 420. It means to smoke weed and get high. You might use it like this:

“We’re gonna 713 later on. Be sure you don’t bring your parents!”

The Houston reference for this slang is still fairly popular but the weed reference usage has been on a steady decline. 

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