What Does a Sweat Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

We know that you’re wondering how can a person sweat while gaming, right? You might have seen this term all over the gaming universe, so we’ll help you understand it more. Below, we have the definition of sweat in gaming slang.

What does a Sweat Mean in Gaming?

When a gamer says someone is a sweat or sweaty, it means that the person is showing off, especially when it’s not needed. A sweaty gamer is so hyped about the game, that he or she makes an extra effort to showcase his or her skills, even if the game is easy.

Alternative Meanings

Sweat doesn’t mean anything else.

Examples of a Sweat in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Kyle – No need to break a sweat. It was an easy match.
  • Michael – Well, I just want to show off my new skills.

Example 2

  • Ray – You were a sweat earlier.
  • Ford – Whatever, I had fun.

Example 3

  • Phineas – Did you see Player G sweat?
  • Scully – I know, right? It was totally unnecessary!

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