What Does Addy Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Addy has been on almost every recent rapper’s songs like Chance, Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Scott. However, they might use it in different ways because this slang has 2 meanings in rap, which we will teach you.

Firstly, Addy could be a shortened term for adderall, which is normally an ADHD medication but has been abused by many to get “high” or “fixed.” They might use it like:

“You better stop those addy or your mind is gonna go broke.”

Some rappers might use this slang to reference “address,” which is the actual written form of a location. It is fairly simple to determine how addy came from “address.” Some of them might say this:

“I still miss you and I sometimes walk by your previous addy.”

It should be noted that both use cases are very popular because of the number of famous rappers behind them. 

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