What Does AFK Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

There are so many acronyms on the internet that it can be hard to learn all of them in one sitting. Therefore, we’ll take it slow and learn one word at a time. Now, let’s talk about AFK; what it means, and how we can use it in a sentence. 

What does AFK Mean in Gaming?

In gaming, AFK stands for “away from keyboard” which means you or a player is away. When you say AFK, it means you will be away from your computer for a long period, maybe even days. Therefore, if you are going away for a short time, you can use BRB (be right back) instead.

Alternative Meanings

You may encounter AFK in other online platforms but mean differently; so here is another meaning for AFK:

  • In other games like Among Us, AFK means an idle player or someone logged in but is not playing his or her character.

Examples of AFK in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Gabby – I’m going out. I’ll be AFK for a few hours.
  • Lea – Alright!

Example 2

  • Margy – Where’d you go? The game started hours ago.
  • Nina – Sorry, I was AFK.

Example 3

  • Friend 1 – Can you stop with the AFK? You’re ruining the game.
  • Friend 2 – But, I had an emergency to attend to!

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