What Does AOE Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

There are too many terms in the gaming community that can be hard to follow. So, if you are having difficulty catching up with the latest terms and abbreviations, we’ll help you out. We have the meaning of AOE below.

What does AOE Mean in Gaming?

AOE means “Area of Effect”. It is an ability of a character to damage a target and its surrounding area. Some characters, mostly pro players, have strong AOE. This kind of ability can greatly affect the opponent.

Alternative Meanings

  • There are no other meanings of AOE in gaming.

Examples of AOE in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Sam – You’re AOE’s dope!
  • Jack – Thanks! It’s hours of grinding to achieve this level.

Example 2

  • Anthony – I need you at the center, Greg. Ready your AOE. 
  • Greg – Alright. I’m almost there.

Example 3

  • Marshall – I need backup!
  • Sadie – Otw. Will use AOE.


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