What Does Blue Cheese Mean In A Rap Song? (EXPLAINED)

Blue Cheese, in the culinary world, refers to a specific type of expensive cheese with blue mold, pungent odor, and delicious taste. The term was adopted by several urban groups and rappers. They still use it very much to this day. Do you want to learn what it means and how to use it?

The term is fairly simple to use and its origin is very straightforward. Cheese is often used to denote cash, income, money. The new 100 dollar bills have these blue streaks or lines that act as a security feature. These new bills would later be called blue cheese because of these streaks or lines. Here are ways on how to use this slang:

“I lost the blue cheese for my son’s tuition at the casino; my wife is going to be upset!”


“I bet rappers are swimming in blue cheese whenever they release new hits.”

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