What Does BM Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

With plenty of new words to learn, it can get overwhelming. So, we’re here to slowly let you get familiarized with online gaming lingo. If you are curious to know what BM means, we provided the meaning and some examples so you can try using it for yourself.

What does BM Mean in Gaming?

BM is an acronym for “Bad Manners”. When you brag about a win or trash-talk a player and somebody replies with only “BM”, it means they are not happy about you bragging or bad-mouthing another player.

Alternative Meanings

BM can also mean other things, so you can use these as well:

  • Black Mage – Some MMORPG games have black mages as characters and this is what players call them.
  • Big Muscles – Referred to the Goliath character in Guitar Hero.
  • Bad Mood – When someone is killing the vibe of the game and you suddenly lose interest in playing.

Examples of BM in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Sam – You suck at this game, you should quit!
  • Ryle – You’re such a BM!

Example 2

  • Andy– Stop ruining the game with all the bad-mouthing!
  • Luke – Whatever. I’ll BM if I want to.

Example 3

  • Justin – BM! BM!
  • Andrew – I am not a BM!

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