What Does Bottleneck Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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It seems like there is a new gaming term each time we open our games and forums, so we get overwhelmed and somehow do not understand what everything means. So, we provide the definitions of gaming slang and help you understand them better. Below, we have the meaning of “Bottleneck.”

What does Bottleneck Mean in Gaming?

When your computer encounters a bottleneck, it means that an application could perform better but is not performing the right way because of an issue with the app or game itself, your CPU or GPU.

Alternative Meanings

  • Bottleneck only means one thing.

Examples of Bottleneck in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Clayton – My app is slow. I can’t play like this!
  • Bobby – Maybe it’s a bottleneck. Check your settings.

Example 2

  • Flynn – I hate bottleneck! It just adds a problem! 
  • Patrick – I’ll help you with that. Don’t worry.

Example 3

  • Garry – Are you sure it’s not a CPU bottleneck?
  • Stephen – No. It might be the game.


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