What Does Can Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Can is a slang term that has multiple purposes. In the streets, many people gave the word different meanings. This also applies to rap so read well to not get confused. 

Can is used to describe a person’s rear end.

“My can is hurting after that rollercoaster ride so you go on ahead without me.”

Coming from garbage cans, can also be used to refer to trash.

“Your raps belong in the cans. You should practice your rhyming first.”

In North America, can is another slang for prison. It is derived from the metal cans that store food for years and restrict everything. 

“I have 2 years in the can waiting for me after today.”

Can may also be used to substitute the word “shut.”

“You better can it or the fuzz will be all over your butt.”

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