What Does CDC Mean In Texting? (Explained With Examples)

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Wondering what CDC means in texting? Not a problem, in this article we will provide you with the answer. All you need to do is keep on reading and you will get it! We’re going to explain what it means and provide you with some examples of how to use it…

What does CDC Mean in Texting?

CDC is an acronym for “Crudely Drawn Cock”. Yes, it refers to a crudely drawn penis, but it gets more specific than that. It is basically an internet joke, of drawing penises on other pictures to make them funny.

This can be then sent via text messages, and that’s when people will generally use the CDC acronym.

Alternative Meanings

It can also mean a few other things, but it would be rare to see them used this way…

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Community Development Corporation

Examples of CDC in Text Slang

Example 1

  • Gina – And then he added a CDC on my photo!
  • Michael – Haha, sorry but that’s hilarious.

Example 2

  • Sean – We should draw a CDC on all the photos in the yearbook!
  • Bob  – Count me in, that’s a great idea.

Example 3

  • Christina – Why were you in detention?
  • David – For drawing a CDC on the principal’s photo haha

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