What Does Copium Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Copium might seem like an odd slang, but it is one of the most used slang in the online gaming industry today. So, what does copium mean? We have the definition for you below. You can also read the examples we provided.

What does Copium Mean in Gaming?

Copium is a combination of two words: Cope and Opium. It means to cope using a drug, opium. But in gaming, it has a different meaning. Copium in gaming means coping when a gamer lost a game or tournament. But, in the gaming community, copium is not taken seriously but is more of an expression to cope after a big loss.

Alternative Meanings

Copium does not have any other meaning.

Examples of Copium in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Norman – That loss might hurt!
  • Terry – I’ll copium later.

Example 2

  • Thomas – I think you’ll need to copium after I kill your character.
  • Sawyer – You’re celebrating too earlier, man!

Example 3

  • Taylor – Are you seriously going to copium? We can beat them!
  • Joe – I lost my rare items to them. I might need a minute!

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