What Does Cracked Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Cracked is an online gaming term that’s popular today. But, what does it mean? If you are curious to know what cracked means and how it’s used in the gaming community, you can read what we have gathered below. 

What does Cracked Mean in Gaming?

When someone says cracked in a game, it means crazy. A cracked player or skill could mean it’s crazy good. So, when someone says you are cracked, take it as a compliment because they mean you have good or bizarre skills. 

Alternative Meanings

The term cracked could also mean:

  • Low health – when you are playing a game and you take multiple hits that lower your life.

Examples of Cracked in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mason – Nice moves, bro. You are cracked!
  • Scott – Thanks, man.

Example 2

  • Max – Did you see how I shot that player?
  • Percy – That was cracked, bro.

Example 3

  • Lily – Good game!
  • Carl – Your skills are cracked!

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