What Does DC Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

You might wonder what DC means, especially if you’re new in the gaming world. But you won’t be left behind anymore. We will help you understand the meaning of DC and share examples about how to use it in a conversation. 

What does DC Mean in Gaming?

Players use DC to express if he or she, or someone in the group, has been disconnected from the game. DC could mean you lost your internet connection or you have a problem with your electricity. 

Alternative Meanings

Sometimes, players also use DC for other words like:

  • Damage Check
  • Difficulty Check
  • Damage Classes

Examples of DC in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • May – Don’t start without me. I got DC’d.
  • Derek – Okay, sure.

Example 2

  • Friend X – Where’d you go? We were about to win!
  • Friend Y – Our internet connection sucks! I got DC’d. 

Example 3

  • Liam – Bro, you got DC’d.
  • Barry – I know! 

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