What Does Dog Water Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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RGB is another slang in the gaming world, and we’re here to help you know more about it. If you keep seeing this in online communities but are too shy to ask what it means, you can read the definition below.

What does Dog Water Mean in Gaming?

In online games, when someone says you’re dog water, they mean to say you’re a horrible gamer. This term is a form of trash-talking because profanity is banned in most games. This term is also used outside online gaming. You can play board games and use this when someone is bad at playing the game. 

Alternative Meanings

Other definitions of dog water:

  • Worthless – when you don’t contribute to a game.

Examples of Dog Water in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • James – What the hell is that move?! You’re dog water!
  • Frank – Chill, dude.

Example 2

  • Benjie – Can you stop being dog water?
  • Leo – What did I do wrong?!

Example 3

  • Mei – I’m just trying to play, man.
  • Tom – well, your skills are dog water.

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