What Does E Mean In Texting? (Explained With Examples)

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So, you’re wondering what E means in texting? No worries, we have the answer to that question for you, just keep reading to find out. We’re going to explain what it means and provide you with some examples of how to use it…

What does E Mean in Texting?

E is slang for “ecstasy”. Yes, it refers to the popular party drug. Now we don’t condone drug use, but that’s the definition of this slang term when used in a text message. So now you know, when you see someone texting about E, they are talking about ecstasy.

Alternative Meanings

It can also mean a few other things, but it would be rare to see them used this way…

  • Everyone

Examples of E in Text Slang

Example 1

  • Jackie – Man, I’m still high from that E!
  • Lauren – Girl, you are crazy, you should stop doing that.

Example 2

  • Karl – Do you know where I can get some E?
  • Chris  – Damn dude, you need to chill with that before the cops catch us!

Example 3

  • Jevon – If my parents knew I spent all my money on E… They wouldn’t be happy.
  • Joseph – My dude, you’re definitely crazy.

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