What Does East Side Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Not to be confused with East Coast, East Side is an entirely different slang in rap. Originating from California, East Side was often used to describe the eastern part of San Jose, California where crime and bad things happen. 

In the world of rap, when you say East Side, it is a cliche place where thugs and gangsters roam. Everything is dirty and the buildings are somewhat abandoned. It is often an exaggerated slang used to refer to a place that is horrible and dangerous.

The slang became very popular again in Khalid’s song “Eastside” which went viral. 

When using this slang, use our examples below.

“I got caught up in the east side again. I thought it would be bad but some good folks helped me.”


“We were always taught never to go to the east side because we might get robbed.”

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