What Does FF Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

There are plenty of meanings when it comes to the abbreviation of ff, but in the gaming world, it’s a little bit different. Therefore, we’ll discuss what ff means and how you can use it online.

What does FF Mean in Gaming?

FF means “friendly fire” which is the term you use when you open fire a player on the same team. Friendly fire is an accidental fire that causes a member of the team to die. 

Alternative Meanings

There are other meanings to the term “ff”, and these are:

  • Forfeit – forfeiting is when a player surrenders because they know they are about to lose. 
  • Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy is an online game with multiple series and is one of the most played online games today.

Examples of FF in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Fred – Oh, no! That wasn’t supposed to happen.
  • Allan – It’s okay. I know it’s just FF.

Example 2

  • Player 1 – Oops! FF. My bad.
  • Player 2 – Sus.

Example 3

  • Team A – Hey, I’m on your team!
  • Team B – Oh, sorry! FF.

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