What Does FN Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Maybe you’ve been seeing the acronym FN around gaming forums but don’t know what it means. If you are too shy to ask around, you can find the definition of FN here. We added a few sample sentences as well. 

What does FN Mean in Gaming?

In the gaming universe, FN means “Fortnite” and is a popular battle royale game. Today, millions of players worldwide are playing FN daily and communities are built because of the game. There are plenty of people yet to play but are also planning to join in on the fun.

Alternative Meanings

FN could also mean:

Forgotten Nation – A Fortnite clan.

Examples of FN in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mardie – THe new update on FN just finished. Shall we play?
  • Pete – Okay, let’s go!

Example 2

  • Sandy – What is that game?
  • Lisa – It’s FN. Haven’t you played? Come, I’ll show you how.

Example 3

  • Cody – I’m torn between playing FN or studying for finals.
  • Harrison – Same! Let’s study and play after finals!

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