What Does FPL Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Do you keep seeing FPL in the gaming community? Why do people talk about it all the time? If you wish to know more about FPL, learn what it is below. So the next time you come across the word, you can also share your insights.

What does FPL Mean in Gaming?

FPL means FaceIt Pro League. This league is invite-only, and the invitation is usually sent to the top gamers of the game. Each month, FPL awards the best player with $20,000. But, the stakes are always higher in the following months. 

Alternative Meanings

  • In the gaming community, FPL only stands for one thing and it is what is mentioned above.

Examples of FPL in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Player A – Who do you think will get an invite to join FPL?
  • Player B –Let’s check out the leaderboard.

Example 2

  • Carla – I got an invite to FPL! I can’t believe it!
  • Sady – Wow! Congratulations! Let me see the invite.

Example 3

  • Gabby – My goal is to be part of the FPL. That’s why I’m practicing whenever I have free time. 
  • Larry – I’m rooting for you, Gabby!


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