What Does Fwd Mean In Texting? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you wondering what fwd means in texting? Alright, in this article we will provide you with the answer. All you need to do is keep on reading and you will get it! We’re going to explain what it means and provide you with some examples of how to use it…

What does Fwd Mean in Texting?

In texting “fwd” is an abbreviation of the word “forward”. It is simple. People use it instead of writing the full word since it is faster to just type “fwd”. It may have originated from forwarding emails, where you can sometimes see it shortened to “fwd” on the button you can click.

These types of abbreviations can be lifesavers since they make texting super easy and convenient!.

Alternative Meanings

It can also mean a few other things, but it would be rare to see them used this way…

  • Front-Wheel Drive
  • Forwood
  • F*ck With Dat

Examples of Fwd in Text Slang

Example 1

  • Emmy – Can you fwd me that email?
  • Lisa – Sure, not a problem!

Example 2

  • James – Can you explain how to get to your place once more?
  • Michelle  – After getting off the bus, follow the road until the park, turn left and just keep moving fwd.

Example 3

  • Zack – I’m looking fwd to finally hanging out!
  • Ian – Yeah, me too, it’s been a while.

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