What Does GA Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you unsure of what GA means in the gaming community? If you are unsure, we’ll help you understand what GA means. We provided the definition of the term below, and a few examples and other meanings to help you get to know GA more.

What does GA Mean in Gaming?

GA means “Gentlemen’s Agreement”. A set of GA is rules aside from the rules of the game. This way, both players can lay their ground rules and follow the rules to have a fairer and more enjoyable game. A GA can also set a barrier for foul play while playing.

Alternative Meanings

GA also means:

  • Gaming Age
  • Game Arena
  • Go Ahead

Examples of GA in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Colby – Let’s lay some GA before starting.
  • Mike – What are the game rules for if we still need a GA?

Example 2

  • Ted – Would you mind if I ask for GA? 
  • Darwin – I won’t mind. I’ll send mine to you.

Example 3

  • Skye – I only play fair.
  • Sam – That’s great! Then, we’ll set a GA to follow.

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