What Does Glizzy Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

In the world of rap slang, some use the “Izzy” suffix to add some style to words. It might have come from the phrase “it’s a.” Glizzy is actually one of these. 

Glizzy in rap primarily has three meanings.

The first is that it references the Glock, a handgun. It is a somewhat euphemistic slang coined by the Glizzy Gang. 

“The robber got a fake Glizzy, but he is still dangerous.”

The second use of this slang refers to the famous rapper Glizzy himself. He might have popularized this term.

“Glizzy’s show was a disaster because of the rain.”

People from DC might use this slang to refer to a particular Hotdog in DC.

“I need me some fresh Glizzy cause I’m so hungry.”


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