What Does Griefing Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Griefing could mean another thing outside the gaming community, so don’t get confused when you see someone using this word while in-game. The meaning of griefing can be different, so we put it down below.

What does Griefing Mean in Gaming?

Griefing in online games is when a person kills another player over and over again or camping the character’s body so the player couldn’t retrieve it. This action is done when a player has hidden anger or agenda against another player.

Alternative Meanings

Griefing is also an action where a player does everything he or she can to prevent a fun or chill game. He or she creates tactics to kill the vibe.

Examples of Griefing in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mara – Hey, play fair! You’re griefing!
  • Dixie – You deserve it!

Example 2

  • Player – You can’t retrieve your body!
  • Opponent – You’re ‘griefing cause you’re about to lose!

Example 3

  • Valerie – Can you see that player griefing everyone?
  • Maddie – Let’s stop him.

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