What Does Inting Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Inting is another gaming slang you need to learn. This term is used in-game and in gaming communities like Twitch. Therefore, we provided the definition below and added a few examples of how the term is used in a sentence.

What does Inting Mean in Gaming?

Inting is an abbreviation for “intentionally dying”. This term is used when a player keeps on dying in a game, thus feeding the opponent gold or other loot. It is a troll in games when a player cannot accept being defeated numerous times by the same person.

Alternative Meanings

Inting also means intentionally playing badly. This happens when a player intentionally gets killed, therefore, feeding the opponent.

Examples of Inting in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Gamer C – You just got inting!
  • Gamer D – Whatever! I’m tired of playing anyway. 

Example 2

  • Von – Left lane is inting.
  • Polly – No way! They need to stop.

Example 3

  • Friend A – We almost won.
  • Friend B – But player x keeps inting!

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