What Does K Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

K might just be a single letter, but its meaning and usage in rap are very diverse. For this hip-hop slang, we researched the three different definitions of K. Use them well and properly.

In the older and more violent days of hip-hop, guns were rampant. When you use K, it refers to the famous AK-47 machine gun. 

“I heard Tupac got shot with a K before dying in the hospital.”

K may simply be short for Okay or OK. It might be used in a snarky manner in text or conversations.

“K! I never want to see your face!”

Lastly, K may mean kilo, a grand, or 1000. Kilo in measurements means 1000. It is usually used for cash or money.

“I lost 10k in gambling because I was addicted.”

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