What Does KDA Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

We get that gaming slang can be overwhelming, so don’t stress over them now. We’ll help you understand each one, starting with what KDA means. Check out the definition of the gaming slang KDA below, together with a few sample sentences for you!

What does KDA Mean in Gaming?

KDA means “Kills/Deaths/Assists” and is a tally of how many kills, deaths, and assists a gamer had in a game. The KDA ratio will then be calculated to see a gamer’s overall score in the game. Every game has a different KDA ratio, so check out how a game calculates your KDA.

Alternative Meanings

KDA in gaming only means “Kills/Deaths/Assists.”

Examples of KDA in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Derek – Woah, nice KDA!
  • Anthony – I had too many assists so it’s a bit high.

Example 2

  • Collin – You got a higher KDA than me. Nice one!
  • Brad – Thanks, man. Never expected to be MVP.

Example 3

  • EJ – I don’t get this game’s KDA ratio! 
  • Greg – Same, man. I have a higher kill count but player X is the MVP.

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