What Does KP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

There are many gaming abbreviations today, and one of them is KP. So, we understand if you don’t get what KP means. Therefore, we have the definition below and a few sample sentences for you to understand it better!

What does KP Mean in Gaming?

In the gaming universe, KP stands for “Kill Points.” KP is the total number of kills a player has during each match. You can find your KP after each match. It is shown on screen once the game is done and it is also one of the criteria for being named the MVP.

Alternative Meanings

KP could also mean:

  • Kill Percentage
  • Kill Participation

Examples of KP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Rico – Nice KP, man. That’s a lot!
  • James – Thank you! I was aiming for MVP.

Example 2

  • Hardie – MY KP is low. Let’s play again!
  • Jackson – That’s not too bad.

Example 3

  • Owen – Are you MVP?
  • Mike – No. I have a low KP.

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