What Does Lil Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Uzi, Lil’ Vert, and many more rappers have adopted the “Lil” in their stage names. You might find it baffling and confusing since these people use this weird word in their awesome rap names. Reading this article will explain what Lil means in rap names? 

The explanation is straightforward. Lil’ is short for little. Lil’ Wayne is just a shortened version of Little Wayne. You may use this term like this:

“I’m gonna be Lil’ Killer because my rap verses are deadly.”


“Lil LBJ is what I’m going to call you because you got the moves!”

Lil is ubiquitous because some rappers like to allude to their short stature or continue to use the rap names during their childhood or earlier years. 

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