What Does Main Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

The word “main” can have a lot of meaning, so let’s find out its definition below. We also shared a few sample sentences to help you get a better understanding of how main is used in a conversation.

What does Main Mean in Gaming?

A player, most times a pro, has multiple characters that they use to play a certain online game. But, there is always a favorite character that is used more than the others and has the best skills and equipment. This character is the player’s “main”, which means the first choice or the favorite.

Alternative Meanings

The term “main” in gaming only has one definition.

Examples of Main in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Saddie – Hey, no using of main. Let’s try new heroes.
  • Ginny – Fine, but only for this round.

Example 2

  • Howard – Is that your main? Nice one!
  • Jack – Yeah, but I usually use my main in tournaments.

Example 3

  • Peter – Let’s do a main match.
  • Jessie – Oh, you wanna try my main? You sure? lol

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