What Does Mc Mean In Rap Culture? (EXPLAINED)

The term “MC” or “emcee” gets thrown around everywhere in the rapping scene, especially when rapping battles or rapping events are involved, but what does it mean? Read more below to know and learn how to use it. 

MC is a slang that is short for “Masters of Ceremony.” The term “MC” or “emcee” originated from the 70s and was popularized by urban groups. An emcee is basically a host with hip-hop skills and rapping talent. They are often witty, excited, and loud when it comes to their hosting gigs. If you want to use this slang, follow our examples below:

“The MC for this party is lit. He must be getting paid the big bucks!”


“The MC got into a rap battle after getting dissed by someone from the audience.”

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