What Does Moba Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you recently heard about the word moba? Most gamers use this term now, and if you want to learn about the term, you can read its definition below. We also added a few examples so you could start using moba as well.

What does Moba Mean in Gaming?

Moba means “multiplayer online battle arena”. It is a modification and a sub-genre in online games where players create an arena where individuals or teams can play and fight each other. In moba mode, a character can move wherever it wants.

Alternative Meanings

Moba has only one meaning and it’s what’s mentioned above.

Examples of Moba in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Elijah – I’m playing moba mode right now. Wanna join?
  • Henry – Okay, sure!

Example 2

  • Matt – What is that arena? I’m not familiar with that.
  • William – I’m in moba mode. Try it!

Example 3

  • Ethan – I’m not interested in playing again.
  • Jacob – How bout we try the moba mode?

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